Getting Myself a New Tablet

2012-07-09 18:08:54 by Zontelfonzo

Within a week I should have a new drawing tablet so that I can acellerate the artwork prosses. It should allow me to take a break from all the coding and level design. After dong a bunch of x=(y^2-y)+5 you start to long for a bit of character design. If you want mroe recent updates on my current WIP you can find them at I post on newgroudns for more personal relaied things. Heres a preview of the my WIP logo:

Getting Myself a New Tablet

Wrong end of the pencil

2012-07-04 07:31:27 by Zontelfonzo

I gonna put on my fancy hat now.
**wears top hat**

Ah, that's better. Now I have discovered that my drawing ability is based more on the position of the sun and moon then on my any talent or skill. This makes character design much much much harder. I find myself using the other side of the pencil much more then I probably should. I'm running out of erasers here!

Placeholder artwork is fine for an engine but I really need to put this game together a little faster then this. I think I'm going to finish all of the game play before I manage to get the pretty pictures and lovely sounds in. If anyone is interested in my ramblings about this WIP hers a link:

Anyone got any tips that might help me start drawing a little better/ faster?

I Made a Game!

2012-06-23 19:47:30 by Zontelfonzo

I wrote a little something on how i created my game Walrus Baloon Ride, and posted it. Here's a link to the game if you want to play it before you read any futher:

I've been making small games and engine components in Game Maker since i was about 12-13, About 7 years now. For my 8'th grade talent demonstration project I made a game I called SpellQuest. Using Secret of Mana sprites and Simple programing trick I had managed to make a game with cinematics, a combat system, NPC interaction, and multiple levels. 7 years later, and I've made more games, come up with neat tricks, composed music, coded at a collage level, and what did I do with any of the works that I made. Not. A. Thing.
Recently I changed that. That turned out to be a lot harder than I would have initially have thought. One day I started to make a game in class based of three ideas I came up with while I was simultaneously having a conversation with somebody. Those ideas, where hot air balloon, walrus, and file cabinet. I had been looking the file cabinets along the wall instead of the person I was talking to for the majority of the conversion as I tend to do while I'm thinking. After I was finished my brain started to put the game together in my head. Thoughts ran across my like "so if put the walrus in the Balloon, and drop cabinets like bombs.." and "flying seagulls would help break the repetitive nature of mashing a fire button" and so on. I sat down at my computer, opened Flash and started drawing.
While I doodled my brain created a world where a walrus named Rick, was riding peacefully in a hot air balloon. Suddenly a seagull whips past Rick startling him. Rick turns to see that seagull pays no attention to its near miss with the broadside of Rick's face. Rick's response to this is to take one of the file cabinets he's been tasked to transport and heaves it over the side of the balloon's basket right at the absent minded seagull. The cabinet hits the absent minded seagull like a freight train colliding with a china shop. The bird is stunned an plummets to the earth and Rick has had his revenge. Rick looks over his shoulder to see that the sky he's about to drift into is filled with more absent minded seagulls, airliners with intoxicated pilots, and jetpack owner who think that the sky belongs to them.
So a week later Walrus Balloon ride came into existence, although it almost followed of countless projects into cybernetic oblivion. I'll be the first to point out that is not the best I could do, but various factors kept the project from becoming used file space. For one, my Newgrounds aura is set to Game Developer. This was honestly one biggest motivators to publish this game. A couple of years I came up with an idea for life planning, that consisted of visualize what your Wikipedia article would read. There's a similar therapy exercise where you write your own eulogy. A Wikipedia article seems less final and more like an active goal list then a final one. I want my article to start with "Zont el Fonzo is a game developer who I known for... ".
Other influences like Neil Gaimen's speech at the University of the Arts helped push this project into the world. I've never how much anxiety that there is when submitting your work to the world until I did it. But Now that I have I'm glad I did it. The positive responsive to my game gave me motivation to build more games to share, and the negative comments gave me ideas of how to make my work better. I'm not anywhere near top of my game's high scores list, and that makes me happy( and just a tiny bit ashamed at my terrible gaming skills! Just kidding). But I'm hopping any artist reading this will share their work with world. I guess what I'm trying to say long as you love what you do and work with at least a little passion. If you don't get anything else, you will get the satisfaction of having created something that is making the world just a little more interesting to place to live.

My first post :D

2009-09-04 00:27:30 by Zontelfonzo

Well iv had a NG's account for a while and i decided, maybe i should do sumthing beside reviewing and such. Well i havent posted on here b4 so that would be a start. Maybe for this first post ill talk about myself :P, cuz i no that is everyones favorite thing to read :P anyways iv often thought of submiting content to the portal but iv not manged to produce anything i would call... "portal worthy". Iv made some concepts for moves and games but nvr been able to get a good start on them. But if i was to submit to the portal it most like would be a song that i had composed. Im am always riteing songs and playing them. maybe someday ill write a song that when recored and ect ect i will upload it the the aduio portal.
I think now ill describe my Judge still for flash games and movies. First thing i have to mention, is one of my bigest pet peaves.... FORCED LOOPING >:O when a movie has no replay button and it just gose on and on, exspesily the short short ones. they end to annoy the crap outa me. another thing i dont like. STUPID ANOYING SPMA LIKE VIDS OR VIDS THAT SERVE NO POURSE AND CLUTTER THE PORTAL! maybe i over reacted, but videos like that are a waste of time. It sadenes my heart tho to see a smal animation every so often that if you dont look carefully enought apears to be a spam vid but is in realty a aspireing animators first atemp at an animaton. well i think iv be a lil negative for a bit.
Now i should mention the stuff i do like to see :D yay happy faces all around :D :D :D anyays.... I tend to give higher scores to flash, audio, and art to content that comes from solo artist and anmaotrs with alota help. if i see that the flash has 2 artist, a programs, and a couple voice actors i asume they have more resourse at there disposel then the lone user how has pretty much nothing.
Another thing is... i like to laugh, funny subisions = thumbs up
here a list of flash contnt i like:
good madness
submissions that have good music
again i say, stuff taht makes me laugh
something with an art style that apeals to me
some thats, out of the box
artistic like stuff

and well that a short list.
well iv been rambling on for a while now so im gonna let you return NG.

The one
The only
Zont El Fonz-o

"peace out girl scout" <------inside joke that has funny story ill might tell later